Deep Comp - 8/2/16

Which person are you? 

Which person are you? 

I. Strength

A. Press - build to heavy single or PR

B1. Prone Incline DB Batwing Hold 5 x 25s
B2. L-Hang 5 x 20s

  1. If you did not hit a PR last week and you're feeling good, go for it. If not, just stick with the heavy single.
  2. For the Batwing Holds, use a working weight where you're able to keep the DBs pinned to the front of your shoulders.
  3. For the L-hangs, keep your knees above your hips at all times, if this is achievable, also keep your legs straight (knee joint extended).


II. Skill

B. Every two minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets):

35% of your SHSPU max AND run 200m

  1. If you cannot do at least 6 SHSPU, perform 6-8 kipping HSPU and a 15s hold after the last rep.

III. Conditioning

2 minutes on, 1 minute off for 18 minutes:

2 Hang Power Clean @70% (mid-thigh)
8/6 Ring Dips
40' HS Walk
40 Double Unders

  1. Pick up where you left off and list your one score as total rounds + reps.