Deep Comp- 7/8/16


 Team workout at 11 AM tomorrow. 

I. Strength

A. 5x2 TnG Power Snatch

  1. Working weight at 70-75% 


B. 4x12 Back Rack Alternating Reverse Lunges

  1. Working weight, heavier than last week

II. Skill Development

C. Alternating EMOM 20
1. 5 Pendlay Row #21X1
2. 1-3 Strict Muscle Ups / 3-5 Ring Transitions (toe spotted)
3. 3 Tall Single Leg Box Jumps e/s
4. Rest


III. Conditioning

6 Rounds AFAP
20s Max Cal AB (Rest 1 Minute)
10 Snatch 75/55# (muscle or power)
10 OHS 75/55# (Rest 3 Minutes)

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