Deep Comp- 7/5/16

 I. Strength

A. Press - 5 x 2.2.2 - Rest 15 sec / Rest 2 min

  1. Increase slightly from last week. Build across sets starting at around 65% of most recent Press Max. Focus on maintaining a tight core and drive the heels down into the floor as you press.


 II. Skill Progression

Option A - For those with < 5 Strict HSPU

B1. Single Arm DB Bench Press - 5 x 5-8 e/s #20X2 - Rest 60 sec

B2. Batwing Hold - 5 x 15 sec - Rest 60 sec

B3. Deficit HS Descents - 5 x 3 #40X3 - Rest 60 eec

 Option B - For those with > 6 Strict HSPU

B1. Strict Deficit HSPU - 5 x 2.2.2 - Rest 5 / Rest 60 sec

B2. Batwing Hold - 5 x 15 sec - Rest 60 sec

B3. Reverse Snow Angel - 5 x 10 - Rest 60 sec

  1. Be honest with your training partners on the batwing hold. If they are failing to maintain thumbs against side of pec / fist in close to armpits, let them know to scale down weight. This is a movement that requires constant cueing.
  2. For the HS descent, kick up into a HS against wall and lower using the given tempo. For reps 2 and 3, kip back up into a HS if able, otherwise drop off and kick back up. Elevation should be 45/25#.
  3. For the reverse snow angel, perform a superman on the floor, start with the arms ahead and slowly bring them out to the side and finish by your hips. Keep the palms facing down and try and relax through the upper traps. Have someone press on the middle of your back right between and slightly below the scap to give you some kinesthetic awareness of your lower trap.


III. Conditioning

D. Gymnastic Circuit

AMRAP 4 @ 80%

10-12 C2B Pull Ups

5 Tall Box Jump / Step Down


Rest 2


AMRAP 4 @ 85%

7-9 C2B Pull Ups

10 AB Cals


Rest 2


AMRAP 4 @ 90%

4-6 C2B Pull Ups

10 Burpees

  1. Play through the rips today.  

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