Deep Comp- 7/30/16


Team workout at 11 AM tomorrow. Come early to warm up as we will start with strength right at 11 AM. The following week and thereafter will be 7 AM.

I. The Pump

A1. Bench Press: 8-5-5-3 (65-70-75-75%)

Rest 30s

A2. Db Row: 4x8 (21x2)

Rest 90s


II.  Weightlifting  

B. Build to a medium-heavy Bear Complex in 6 minutes (2 people per barbell)

Complex is the following: Front squat from floor + shoulder to overhead + back squat + shoulder to overhead 

(Rest 5) 


III. Conditioning  (teams of two)

Row 200m

15 Bar facing burpees  

12 Squat Cleans 245/165

Row 400m

15 Bar facing burpees  

9 Squat Cleans 265/180

Row 600m  

15 Bar facing burpees  

6 Squat Cleans 285/195

Row 800m

15 Bar facing burpees  

3 Squat Cleans 305/205

  1. Split the work as desired, but each partner must perform one clean at each weight. 
  2. Use one barbell and change your own weights.  
  3. This is a regionals level workout.  if you are not ready for these numbers quite yet, scale to the following percentages ~75-80-85-90%