Deep Comp- 7/26/16

Demand more from yourself.  

Demand more from yourself.  

I. Strength 

A. Deadlift

Red Group - 6 x 5 - 70% / 60s rest

Green Group - 5 x 5 - 80% / 2:45 rest

  1. This is the same volume as four weeks ago but with 30 to 45 seconds less rest time. Make it happen...

II. Skill 

B. Every 4 For 20
6 Front Squats @60% (from the floor)
55% of T2B Max

  1. This is a progression from four weeks ago. The front squats are 5% heavier and the t2b increased by 10%. Give it hell.. 

III. Conditioning 

Amrap 30

750m Run

36/29 Cal Bike

  1. Use the Malcolm X Loop for the 750 m run. 

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