Deep Comp- 7/12/16


I. Strength

A. Press - 4 x 2.2 - Rest 15 sec / Rest 2 min

II. Skill Progression

Option A - For those with < 6 Strict HSPU
B1. Handstand Shrugs - 5 x 5 - Rest 60 sec
B2. Planche Push Up - 5 x 3-5 #30X2 - Rest 90 sec

Option B - For those with > 6 Strict HSPU
B. AFAP 8 x 4 Strict Deficit HSPU

  1. For the Planche style push up, keep the arms close by the sides with hands turned out. Try and lower your body out in front of the hands. Stack yoga blocks by your chest to scale range of motion if too difficult.
  2. For the HS shrugs, kick up into a handstand and then try and press through the floor and elevate through your traps and shoulders. Hold for a second and then without bending the arms, drop your body down back to neutral. Think like a reverse scap pull up.

III. Conditioning

D. Gymnastic Circuit
AMRAP 6 @ 85%
4 C2B Pullups
6 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105#
8 Wallball 20/14

Rest 3

AMRAP 6 @ 90%
6 C2B Pullups
6 Overhead Squats 105/75

  1. Add one rep for both exercises each round

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