Deep Comp- 6/3/16

    Alright guys, after two weeks of training it has become very evident they we're not ready to go full steam yet. We want to give you guys some very loose guidelines that will enable you to rejuvenate and recover without losing progress during this transition between the '16 and '17 games training season. We will commence Deep Comp within the next couple of weeks once people are chomping at the bit and seem ready to rock and roll for another full games season. 

  1. Workout with your teammates as well as NEW teammates and gym members. Jump in a class, workout at a different time of day, etc.
  2. Be in and out of the gym in 90 minutes, this includes your warm-up and cooldown. 
  3. Try a CrossFit HQ workout or a benchmark that you've been waiting to retest. Construct a hopper wod with your training partners or get out of the gym and try something new (sand vb, golf, climbing, competitive twister, etc.)
  4. Most importantly, get your body 100% healthy. I have heard of backs, groins, shoulders, forearms, elbows, calves, hamstrings, and several other nagging injuries that we have been training through for too long. There is absolutely no excuse for not getting these fully recovered. When we do hit the ground running, there will be no lenience for cutting parts of our program because of your failure to get yourself 100% recovered. 
  5. Spend time reflecting on your progress this past year. Are you somebody who benefited from this program or do you need to seek additional customized programming from the coaches because of your unique weaknesses / lagging skills.
  6. Begin tailoring individual goals and team goals for next season. 

Back in 2015, we set out with one very specific goal, to make it to superregionals.  At times it seemed unlikely and even impossible, but we stayed in the trenches, rallied behind our teammates, built an unbreakable sense of team, and sacrificed everything we had to make it happen. This season will be no different. And we need each and every one of you to get ready for what's next, which is another grueling, memorable, and rewarding CrossFit season. 

 Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline 



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