Deep Comp- 7/1/16


  1. Team workout is at 10 AM this Saturday 
  2. We will have a workout on Monday, time is yet to be determined.


I. Weightlifting 

A. 5 sets:

Clean + Hang Clean + 2 Push Jerk

  1. Build for 3, last 2 sets at working weight
  2. Rest 2 Minutes


II. Conditioning  

(CP and Lactic)

6 Rounds AFAP (goal is UB)

6 TnG Power Clean and Push Jerk (55%)

Rest 1 minute

30 Wallball 20/14

Rest 3 minutes

  1. Scale wallball to a rep range where you can maintain unbroken sets. 
  2. 55% of your clean and jerk max. We always program percentages off your full lifts unless otherwise indicated. 

III. Auxiliary  

C. Alternating EMOM 20

1. DB external shoulder rotation X 6 e/s (7% of narrow grip bench max, 30x0 tempo)

2. Weighted pullups X 5 (21x1)

*to determine your weight, add your body weight to your weighted Pullup 1rm, multiply by .75, then subtract your body weight.

3. Burpee box jumps 24/20" X 12

4. Rest