Deep Comp - 06/29/2016

Week 1, Day 3

We will be placing you into a red and green group for certain strength movements. This is going to be based on your NME (neuromuscular efficiency). We determined this through how many reps you got at 85% of your deadlift test. Under 10 reps put you in the Red group, 10+ puts you in the Green group. This will help both groups develop their weaknesses.

A. Deadlift
Red Group - 6 x 5 - 70% / 90 Sec Rest
Green Group - 5 x 5 - 80% / 3:30 Rest

B. Every 4 For 20
6 Front Squats @ 55% (from the floor)
45% of T2B Max
6 Hip Extensions - 2 sec pause at top

The goal is to avoid too much lactate today, so split up reps if you feel the burn...

C. 14 Minute Clock

6 Minutes - Work to a heavy 10 TnG Hang Power Clean

Rest 2 Minutes

6 Minute EMOM - 2-5 Muscle Ups


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