Deep Comp - 06/28/2016

Week 1, Day 2

Just a reminder. We are programming on the side of more than less. The top athletes in each region train multiple times a day. We know that a lot of you are unable to do this. Like we stated in the meeting, text Eric or Chip for recommendations on where to reduce volume or certain parts to help with time management. If you are able to do morning conditioning or strength work, we recommend you try and split some of the longer days up. Monday will always be the toughest day so be prepared. The rest of this week will not take as long.

A. Press - 5 x 3.3 - Rest 10 sec / Rest 2 min

B1. Single Arm DB Push Press - 4 x 5-8 e/s #20X2 - Rest 60 sec
B2. Forward Leaning Rest on Rings (FLR) - 4 x 30 sec - Rest 60 sec

FLR - Slowly press down into the rings, pushing your body up and away from the floor, then let your torso come back down to a neutral position between the shoulders. Continue this during the 30 seconds.

C. EMOM 10min
Odd - ME Strict HSPU in 15-30 sec
Even - ME DB Farmer Carry Distance in 30 sec (heavy)

Record sets, reps, distance for each round
0 - 10,4
1 - 50'
2 - 8,5,2
4 - 50'

D. AMRAP 4 @ 80%
3 TGU e/s 
6 Alternating goblet KB Lunges

Rest 3

AMRAP 4 @ 83%
4 Power Jerk @ 65%
32 Double Unders

Rest 3

AMRAP 4 @ 86%
5 Box Jump / Step Down 30/24"
150m Row

Increasing % simply means increase your effort / output during each AMRAP. Use same KB weight for both movements. Err on the side of light.