Deep Comp - 06/27/2016

Week 1, Day 1

We will continue to sprinkle in a couple tests so we can gain more and more insight into your individual strengths and weaknesses and assign proper work accordingly. We will call any tests out. Because we will be varying rest, percentage, and volume prescriptions for certain workouts, you will have to focus more on competing with yourself. We will do our best to provide detailed information regarding what type of effort we expect.

A. Every 2 Minutes For 10
Hang Snatch High Pull + Hip Snatch - 5 x 3+2

B. Every 2 Minutes For 10
Slow Snatch Pull - 5 x 3

3 Seconds from floor to above knee, then focus on speeding up into the hips for the jump.

C. Every 3 Minutes For 18
Back Squat - 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2 - #30X1

Second Wave Heavier. Don't exceed 90% on final double. Adjust weight to adhere strictly to tempo. The goal is to train the proper time under tension as well as develop speed through the recovery.

D1. Double Arm DB Hammer Curl - 4 x 5-9 #30X0 - Rest 30
D2. Double Arm DB Laying Tricep Ext - 4 x 5-9 #30X1 - Rest 30
D3. Reverse DB Fly - 4 x 5-9 #30X0 - Rest 30

Use rep ranges in accordance to your upper body gymnastics strength. Higher reps for those needing more development.

E. 3-5 Rounds @ 95%
15 Seconds TnG Power Snatch @ 55%
20 Seconds UB C2B Pull Ups
25 Sec High Output A.B.
Rest 2-4 Minutes

Chip and Eric will prescribe your rest intervals. Goal is near total recovery between rounds. Amount of rounds will vary depending on your upper body pull proficiency and AD output drop off. 95% effort means stay below all out effort / speed.