Deep Comp- 6/21/16


Hey guys, just a reminder that you belong in the barbell room. Don't take over the CrossFit room during class unless a coach gives you permission beforehand. Thanks!

Also, the team workout will be Saturday at 11 AM. After the workout we need your help moving around some things in the barbell room to better utilize the space. Eric will be buying bowls of doom for everyone to refuel post-wod! 

NOTE ON HYDRATION.. I'm sure everyone has noticed by now that it's hot and humid. For around the clock hydration, we recommend drinking at least your body weight (in ounces) of water each day. A good intra-workout plan is to drink 8oz every 20 minutes, and weigh yourself before and after every workout, replacing each pound lost with 16oz of water. 

Consider getting a double-insulated water bottle that can help you drink cooler water. Drinking cold water has been proven to help prevent a rise in core body temperature. You're also much more likely to continue drinking water when it's cold.

Consider bringing ice packs to place on your neck, hands and feet if you begin to feel overheated.

And finally, be sure to consume electrolytes, whether it be through fruits and vegetables, or a hydration matrix. Think of electrolytes as the glue that keeps water from just running through your body. 

I. Strength

 A. Find Snatch Max 

  1. Only two misses allowed
  2. Please film your maximal attempts

II. Skill

A. Find Max UB SHSPU 

  1. Regional your head through at the top and fully lockout arms.  
  2. Use a 36-by-24-inch box with your palms and feet remaining inside the box. 

B. AMRAP 3- Rope Climbs

  1. No jumping, touch the cross beam at the top. On the descent, the athlete must show control, and may not drop from the rope until their hands touch below the designated 9-foot mark. If there is not a 9-foot mark on your rope, make one.

  III. Conditioning

A. 400m Run time trial 

  1. Be sure to follow the actual route (go around the Xs as you enter and exit the alley, and go around the telephone pole as you enter the parking lot).  Rest as needed before B. 

B. 3x400m run at 80% of A

  1. Rest 2 Minutes between sets