Deep Comp- 5/9/16

 I. "Deep Comp Stretch Series"

Saddle- 4:00

Seated Straddle- 4:00

Twisted Cross- 2:00 e/s

Standing Straddle- 4:00

Pigeon- 2:00 e/s

Downward dog- 2:00

Lizard- 2:00 e/s

Dragon (with or without grabbing back leg)- 2:00 e/s

  1. 30 minutes of relaxed breathing...


II. Intervals

5 Rounds

30 Cal Row

30 Cal Bike

Rest 3 Minutes  

  1. Determine the pace for the assault bike and row that will take the same amount of time for 30 cal. I would recommend testing this by doing 5-10 calories on each implement until you determine the proper rpm (bike) and cal/hour (erg).
  2. When picking your pace, make sure it is a pace that accommodates your partners ability and the amount of time you have to work with in event 1.  
  3. Start the interval with whatever implement you will be using first in the actual event. 
  4. If the row is arduous due to a blown back or hamstrings, perform the intervals until you have the perfect timing, and then switch to a 20 minute recovery bike.


III. Visualization & Mental Preparation

(Spend a legit 15-20 minutes here) 

A. Read through Events 1-3. What are the nuances of the event that are uncommon or confusing?

B. Read through it again slower and then walk through the entire events in your head until you see yourself executing your job to perfection.

C. What's you're precise role? Who are you following and preceding? How can your teammates help you? How can you help your teammates? Talk this through with your teammates.