Deep Comp- 6/1/16

 I. Skill and Auxiliary Strength

Every two minutes:

0,2,4: ME Pullup Hold (chin above bar)

6,8,10: 3 Rope Climbs AFAP

12,14,16: 12 Strict T2B (2121)

  1. Beat your Pullup hold times from last week.  

II. Unilateral Lower Body and Overhead Strength

3 Sets: 3 Power Jerks + 10 Alternating OH Lunges

  1. Working weight, from rack, at 55-65% of your Split Jerk Max

III. Conditioning

AMRAP in 10

15/12 AB Cals

10 Kipping HSPU

50 Double Unders


Rest 10 Minutes


For time: 

30 DB Man Maker (pushup squat clean thruster) 45/30#"

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