Deep Comp- 5/3/16

I. Warmup

2 Rounds

800m Run

2 Minute Seated Straddle/1 Minute Couch Stretch (1 minute e/s)

  1. Alternate stretches each round


II. Strength

Clean and Jerk- 5x1 @75-80%


III. Conditioning

5 Rounds (MF)

12 Partner Deadlifts 350#

8 Synchro Thrusters 115/80#

4 Ring Muscleups

Rest 3 Minutes

  1. Imbalanced DL loading, 135 on one side and 170 on the other, TEAM SERIES standard.

IV. Auxiliary/Developmental

3 Rounds (not for time)

Bench Press x 4 (AHAP, working weight)

GH Raises x 8

DB Overhead Squats x 12

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