Deep Comp- 5/27/16

The gym will closed this weekend for a gymnastic seminar.

I. Conditioning

4 Sets:
30s Window: 4 Deadlift 275/190#
30s ME OHS 225/155
30s ME Ring Muscleups
Rest 3 Minutes

  1. Use one barbell and change the weight. 
  2. Use regional standard form on the overhead squats, get well below 90 and open your hips completely at the top.  

II. Strength

A. EMOM 5- 1 Legless Rope Climb

B. Press- 3 x 8 @70%
Rest 2 Minutes

Alternating EMOM 12
5 DB Bench Press
10 Strict Pullups
8 Glute Ham Raises (31x2)