Deep Comp- 5/26/16

The gym will closed this weekend for a gymnastic seminar.

I. Flexibility

"Deep Comp Stretch Series"

Saddle- 4:00

Seated Straddle- 4:00

Twisted Cross- 2:00 e/s

Standing Straddle- 4:00

Pigeon- 2:00 e/s

Downward dog- 2:00

Lizard- 2:00 e/s

Dragon (with or without grabbing back leg)- 2:00 e/s

  1. 30 minutes of relaxed breathing...

II. Aerobic

Run for 16 minutes at conversation pace, then speed up every 2 minutes until at minute 30 you're going fast. At minute 35, sprint until you tire, then cooldown at a recovery pace for 5 additional minutes.

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