Deep Comp- 5/16/16


We made it happen. Each and every one of us contributed everything we had to offer, and it was more than enough to accomplish our goal of qualifying for regionals and performing at a high level.

Your own CrossFit Deep Finished 23rd in our first appearance at a CrossFit Super Regional. That's better than every other team in Dallas that watched from home, and better than 17 remarkable qualified teams from two continents. 

From the performances on the floor, to  support in the stands, we have so much to be grateful for: no injuries, wonderful teammates, and lifelong friends. We worked hard and we had fun.. We lived up to the rolling motto for Crossfit Deep 2016.

Thank you for buying in. Thank you for trusting in what we stand for, for believing in your teammates, for making sacrifices every step of the way, and remaining disciplined when things got tough.

We learned a lot this year. We learned that hard work pays off, we familiarized with our own capabilities, and we learned that dreams can come true, and most importantly, we tasted what we're capable of. So much so, that it should leave the best of us unsettled and thirsty for more.

Enjoy classes the next couple days, bask in the fulfillment of this years goals, and give yourself a pat on the back for the critical role that you played in the realization of Deep's goals this year.

This week should be a mixture of rest and classes, nothing more and nothing less. That includes other programs. If you have a request for particular workouts or benchmarks please email me, as I would be more than happy to honor requests this week. Next week (May 22) will be a series of tests to provide baselines for Cycle 1. These tests will be mandatory for anyone who wishes to embark on our journey toward the 2017 Games Season, so stay tuned.


Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

Chip PhillipsComment