Deep Comp- 5/11/16

There will not be no work tomorrow (Thursday) other than Actice Recovery. The goal is to feel 100% Friday, so listen to what your body is telling you today. Skip anything you desire and or make up work from yesterday. Don't train for more than an hour (this includes makeup work) and drink more water than normal. 

I. Strength and Conditioning 

A1. Push Press- 3x3 @80%

A2. Deficit SHSPU- 3x2

  1. Pick a small deficit where you can perform fast reps.

A3. Rope Climb Bind (jump, bind, and extend legs once)- 3x1

  1. Rest as needed between each movement


B. Alternating Emom 12

2 Back Squats @70%

4 Tall Box Jumps

12/10 Calorie Assault Bike



II. "Deep Comp Stretch Series"

Saddle- 4:00

Seated Straddle- 4:00

Twisted Cross- 2:00 e/s

Standing Straddle- 4:00

Pigeon- 2:00 e/s

Downward dog- 2:00

Lizard- 2:00 e/s

Dragon (with or without grabbing back leg)- 2:00 e/s

  1. 30 minutes of relaxed breathing...

III. Visualization & Mental Preparation

(Spend a legit 15-20 minutes here)

A. Read through Events 7-9. What are the nuances of the event that are uncommon or confusing?

B. Read through it again slower and then walk through the entire events in your head until you see yourself executing your job to perfection.

C. What's you're precise role? Who are you following and preceding? How can your teammates help you? How can you help your teammates? Talk this through with your teammates.