Deep Comp- 4/26/16

 I. Strength

5 Rounds AFAP

3 Back Squat @ 85%

150m Row Sprint

Rest 3 Minutes

  1. If you don't pull an uncomfortable pace then you're wasting your time. How hard can you pull for 15-20 pulls?


II. Weightlifting and Auxiliary

Every 90 seconds For 12 minutes (8 sets):

3 Squat/Power Clean & 1 Jerk @ 75%

6 Weighted Ring Dips 10x2

  1. 75% of squat clean and jerk 1rm. 


II. Conditioning

Teams of 2 (any combo)

5 Rounds

12 Synchro Plate Burpees 45/25#

12 Squat Cleans (shared) 155/105

12 Alternating Parallette Kipping HSPU

  1. For PHSPU, 45# for guys and 45+25# for women (and an abmatwhere the head touches the ground). Same as two weekends ago. One partner must be holding fully extended while the other performs their handstand push-up
  2. Both partners must have six reps of cleans, but they do not need to alternate or be synchronized


III. Auxiliary/Developmental

A. 6 sets (not for time)

3-5 No-Dip Muscleups

  1. You have the option to make this for time if you are better at muscleups (I.e.

B. 4 sets (not for time)

6 Box-seated rope binds with extension

  1. If rope climbs is a strength of yours, do these four sets on the minute.

C. Rope Climb Descents- 4x4

  1. Record yourself and watch technique between sets.  



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