Deep Comp- 4/18/16

 *Take today easy if needed. It is still technically an active recovery day. 

l. Strength and Conditioning 

Set up the rower for six 600m intervals with 2:30 seconds of rest . Row each of the intervals at your 2k pace. During the rest interval complete the following AFAP (10 reps after row #1, 8 after row #2, etc.)

Bench Press- 

10 x 65%

8 x 70% 

6 x 75% 

4 x 80% 

2 x 85% 

1 x 90%+

 II. Cooldown / Pacing / Mobility

3 Rounds  

400m Run (Reverse Buildup, 100.200.100m)

10 Empty Barbell Sotts Press

10 Empty Barbell Bent Row (41x2)

  1. For the run, start at a very fast pace for the first 100m, slow to a medium pace for the next 200m, and finish the final 100m at a slow pace. 
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