Deep Comp- 3/9/16

Announcement: Team meeting this Saturday at 10:30am followed by team photo at 11. Please wear your black open shirt. Yes, that means you might have to wash it after Friday night's workout.

Today is meant to be a very tapered active recovery day. We want this to be the closest thing to a passive rest day that we've had in weeks. 


I. Mobility  

A. Spend 15-30 minutes on banded mobility drills, mashing, and prehab. 

II. Conditioning  

A. 30 minute sled walk (very light) 

  1. Walk at a speed that keeps your heart rate between 125 and 135 bpm.  

III. Static Stretching  

A. Spend 15-30 minutes stretching muscles that are chronically tight. Hit all the major areas (calves, hamstrings, quads, psoas, pecs, lats, traps)  12pm Yoga or Romwod would meet this criteria