Deep Comp - 4/01/16

Saturday team workouts will remain at 11 until further notice.

I. Strength

A. Every 3 Minutes For 15
2 Clean + 1 Jerk (60,70,75,80,85%)

B. Pause (below knee) Clean Deadlift + Shrug - 3 x 5 @ 105-110% 

II. Conditioning

Teams of 2 MF pairs
5 Rounds
20 Alternating Deadlifts 275/185
10 Synchro C2B Pull Ups
20 Altnerating DB Snatch 80/50#
10 Synchro Strict HSPU

  1. Alternating movements are performed where each partner does a single rep. One partner may be ascending while the other partner is descending. For deadlift this means partners can't change directions until one partners bar has hit the ground and the other partner has achieved full hip extension.
  2. Synchro movements mean both partners must achieve the full range of motion at the same time. For C2B this is when the chest hits the bar, and for HSPU this is when the arms are fully locked out.