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Oh boy...

This is one of the most cleverly designed Open workouts yet. It is almost perfectly balanced between gymnastic ability and high end strength. You can't just be good at a lot of toes to bar, you also have to hit some big weights under considerable fatigue.

General Tips

First off, the 4 minute bonus is misleading, you will want to work continuously. After watching Dan Bailey it is obvious you need to accrue as much extra time as possible. Our initial impression is to front load the work / intensity.

Let's talk tie-break. This is going to be super important. After the set of double unders, your time is recorded. Because strength will be most people's bottle neck, set up your strategy so you can maximize your tie break score. For instance, let's say you know you can't hit 275 / 175. Your strategy will be for the best possible time to complete DUs rather than taking extra rest to feel fresh enough to hit the weight. 

This is a workout that will be repeated. For some it may be getting that single rep of a heavy clean, for others it will be finishing a couple more squat cleans to break into the next bonus round.

Movement Tips

Toes to bar efficiency is going to be very important. We will go over various techniques and what we believe is best in the morning video. Look back on the many workouts we did this year involving 100 or so T2B and be smart about your sets and reps. Weightlifting shoes are heavy so unless you absolutely need them to clean in, I would forgo them. Play with mixing up your grip.

Have a spare rope in case of catastrophe. It happens. Make sure you have a judge that is good at counting DU reps. This can be frustrating if you feel you are doing extra reps.

Fast singles will be the name of the game on Cleans. At the lighter weights, try to use only as much energy as is needed. Don't get overly explosive or worry about full extension in the jump. Grip the bar lightly and release the grip quickly to stay relaxed. Try your best NOT to catch the bar high and ride it down. You will want to limit eccentric load. You will want to catch at the very bottom of the squat and bounce out quickly.