Deep Comp- 3/27/16

This will be a transition away until we know what the rest of our season will look like. This is a good week to spend extra time recovering, try new activities, or hop into classes. If you would rather continue doing higher volume, continue following the blog this week.  

I. Running 

400m run- 70% effort (rest 2 minutes) 

400m run- 75% effort (rest 2 minutes) 

400 run- 80% effort (rest 2 minutes)

400m run- 85% effort (rest 2 minutes) 

400m run- 85% effort (rest 2 minutes) 


  1. Record all splits.  


II. Strength 

3 sets (not for time):

10 Deadlifts (AHAP, working weight) 

5 Pendlay Row (21x1) (AHAP, working weight)


2 sets (not for time):

30 Ghd Hip Extensons

15 Strict Handstand Push-ups  


5 sets (not for time): 

2 Legless Rope Climbs  

20 Alternating Pistols


III. Conditioning  

2 Rounds

30 T2B

15 Clean and Jerks 185/125#

  1. Cleans can be power




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