Deep Comp- 3/20&21/16

 This is the work for both Sunday and Monday. Do not do it all in one day. If you are uncertain how you should divide the work, reach out to Chip or Eric.

I. Strength  

A. Back Squat- 5x3 @75-80% 

B. Snatch- 5x1 @80% 

C1. Seated DB Press- 4 X 6-8 (heavy working weight) 

C2. SA Bent DB row- 4 X 10 (21x2 tempo)

II. Conditioning  


Overhead Squats 95/65#


Box Jumps 24/20"

III. Active Recovery Conditioning  

Assault Bike for 30 Minutes

30s of 85%  effort 

30s of 55%  effort 

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