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Get your axes, it's time to start chopping.

This workout is going to be very different person to person so let's focus on the commonalities. Everyone is going to need to work on two main areas in regards to mobility.

Hip Flexors / Hamstrings

The primary movers for the first three movements are going to get taxed quickly. Make sure you free up as much range of motion as possible to cut down on low back issues. If you haven't worked on your Psoas much, grab a kettlebell and turn it upside down. Use the corner of the handle to dig down into it. This will relieve a lot of low back pain if you are nervous about tightening up.

For almost everyone we are going to recommend breaking up deadlifts into sets of 15 max. This is going to heavily rely on how your body responds to volume. Break your sets up by going 2-3 reps below your "lactate pump" point. We think wallball is where you need to push for bigger sets. The row is going to act as recovery. The girls were barely holding 880 cal/hr. This translates to about 11-1200 for the men. Quick and small sets on HSPU from the start to maintain fast and quick lock outs. Sara was getting no repped and having to spend extra time holding at the top to reach her heels over the line. 

A few random observations based on the live workout tonight.

1. Katrin's neutral head position on deadlifts. Don't arch your neck on these. Sara craned her neck the entire time and this will come back to get you on HSPU. Keep your head neutral and look 3 feet in front of you on the ground.

2. Sara's feet on wallball. You may not have noticed that she never extends her ankles. This saved a lot of energy that Katrin was expending by doing a jumping motion every rep. Watch how she keeps her heels on the ground and applies force simply by straightening the legs.

3. Play with the rower and find the least amount of energy you can expend to still achieve a cal almost every pull. Most guys can achieve this with about 1200 cal/hr on 23-26 s/m. For girls you will want to try to stay around 750-850 at 25-28 s/m depending on height. The row has one of the biggest output gaps between reps than any other movement so be smart. Rowing 5-8 calories faster takes a disproportionate amount of extra work. Come off the rower ready to attack the HSPU. Feeling light headed is going to make you feel weak when you get upside down.

Good luck everybody!