Video Part 1 http://youtu.be/uYc-6eI5ocE

Video Part 2 http://youtu.be/NNuR6pokmkg


This one is a bit more straight forward than the previous workouts. This couplet is going to test two main things:

Lungs, and skill under fatigue.


7 minutes is a fairly short time domain so pacing will be fast, or really fast. I recommend that you determine from the start which will be your biggest limiter. Most will have difficulty with either stringing BMU or maintaining unbroken snatches at a fast clip. The workout obviously changes quite a bit if you are lacking BMU proficiency. We will do a video in the morning discussing many tips for executing them. Mentally you have to be prepared for lactate burn during the high rep snatches. The weight is light, don't break just because it burns.

Workout Breakdown

  1. Use hand wraps. You can't risk ripping.
  2. Practice cycle time with a heart rate monitor. You want to move fast, but not so fast that you spike too early. 10 reps in 20 seconds vs 25 seconds may equate to much more of a drastic change in heart rate. 
  3. Vary your snatches. You will want to mix these up a lot. Sometimes re-bending the knees, other times not, sometimes being more explosive with zero arm pull, other times more arm involvement.
  4. Breathing is important, no holding your breath at any point. Practice both movements with steady control of breath. Find where you feel most comfortable breathing in and out during the movements.
  5. Hook grip. Keep it loose with just the thumb and middle finger gripping the bar. You want to stay relaxed so you can save grip for the BMU.
  6. Transition times are super important with a shorter workout. You can only rest before BMU. Immediately after you need to be on the bar.