Deep Comp- 3/2/16

I. Warmup / Skill

20 minutes of prehab stretching or Romwod, then: 

A1. 5x3 Kipping HSPU (rest 30s)

  1. Use last year's standard and practice making heel contact above the tape mark consistenctly. Don't cheat, make it a difficult measurement so you can get used to a potentially narrower hand placement.


A2. 5x8 Prone Batwing Row (21x2 tempo) (rest 60s)

  1. Start flush with the ground and build in deficit each set.


II. Barbell Cycling

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets): 

Power Jerk

1. 10 x 95/65#

2. 5 x 155/110#

3. 4 x 185/130

4. 3 x 205/145#

5. 2 x 225/155# 

  1. Try to do these without a re-dip. Meaning, the second the barbell touches the shoulders, bend the knees to absorb the weight, then continue upward into your next rep.


III. Conditioning 

Assault bike for 20 Minutes (10 sets):

90s at a recovery pace  

20s at 70-75% effort 

10s at 80-85% effort 

  1. Every 4 minutes stop to do the following: 

Smile at your training partners and pat yourself on the back for making yourself do another effective and equally mind-numbing assault bike workout.