Deep Comp- 2/9/16

 I. Warmup

A. Spend 5-10 minute raising your core body temperature (run, row, bike, speed ladder, jump rope)

B. Spend 20-30 minutes on mobility, corrective exercises, and foam rolling. What movement patterns limit you? Do you have nagging injuries (shoulders, elbows, knees, hamstrings, adductors, you name it..) Work on these things. This is priority #1 for the rest of the 2016 Games season

II. Skill 

A. 5 x SME Butterfly Chest to Bar pull-ups

  1. Rest 90s
  2. SME = Sub-maximal effort. Stop well before you feel lactate buildup. This will mean 6-12 reps for most guys and 3-6 reps for most ladies.  
  3. Focus on timing and commit to learning something today. Everyone has room for improvement here. Keep an eye on your teammates and give and receive constructive criticism.  

 III. Strength

EMOM 15- 1 Snatch

  1. Build to 90%+ by set 12. Only one miss allowed

IV. Conditioning

Crossfit Open 14.1 


30 Double Unders  

15 Snatch 75/55#

Minutes 10-15:

Squat Snatch 1RM

  1. Ground to overhead meets work out standards for minutes 0-10. 
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