Deep Comp- 2/5/16

 See everyone at 7 AM tomorrow for our team workout!! 
I. Strength

A. Pause Low Bar Back Squat - 3 x 3 @ 70-75% (22X3 tempo)

B. Front Squat - 3 x 2 @ 85%+

C. EMOM 4 

8 Front Squat 155/110#

  1. Clean the weight at the beginning of the metcon and do not set the bar down for the entire 4 minutes until after the 32 front squat. 
  2. There's no consequence for setting the bar down other than being a quitter. Dig deep, this is important.  
  3. No belts

II. Conditioning

3 Rounds

800m Run Bench Press @75-80%

3.3 Weighted Pull Up 55/15 + body weight ME bar hang

Rest 1 Minute


  1. Rest approximately 6-10 seconds between clusters
  2. Don't baby the max effort bar hangs. We will be limited by grip strength on an open workout. These next few weeks will be your last opportunity to strengthen your grip before it's too late. 
  3. Scale the weighted strict pull-ups as needed.  


III. Conditioning 2

16 Sets

250m Row

6 (deficit) Strict HSPU

Rest 90s

  1. This is no longer an optional conditioning workout. This is the dirty work that is going to make kipping handstand push-ups feel like a walk in the park. 
  2. The goal is six strict hand stand push ups. Pick your row pace accordingly. 
  3. Add a deficit if needed.  
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