Deep Comp- 2/4/16

Good news, Jackie will be hosting a complementary yoga class for the next three weeks at noon on Thursdays. This starts NEXT WEEK, not today. Join me and the rest of your teammates!

Active Recovery Day

A. 15 Minute A/B @65%

B. Yoga or Romwod

We recommend attending the 6:30am "Deep Stretch" class at the gym. If you cannot make it, perform the following:

"Stretch Series"

Shin sit / Saddle- 5:00

Seated Straddle- 5:00

Twisted Cross- 2:00 e/s

Standing Straddle- 2:00

Pigeon- 2:00

Downward Dog- 2:00

Lizard/Dragon- 2:00 e/s

Bretzel 1- 2:00 e/s

Bretzel 2- 2:00 e/s

C. Foam Roll, Cryo, normatech, epsom salt baths, etc.

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