Deep Comp- 2/27/16

In-season Training schedule: 

Saturday-  Training Day 1

Sunday-  Training Day 2 (programming will account for a repeat the following day. 

Monday- Repeat or Active Recovery

Tuesday- Training Day 3

Wednesday- Tapered Training Day 4  

Thursday- Active Recovery Day

Friday- Open Attempt 1


I. Warmup 

Coach led calisthenics and foam rolling


 II. Skill

4 Rounds  

4 Tall box jumps  

4 Rope climbs  

25 Ghd sit-ups 


III. Strength 

Power Clean- 5x2 @75% 


IV. Conditioning  

8 Rounds  

35 Calorie Row  

35 Double Unders  

Rest 1:1 or alternate with a partner.  

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