Deep Comp- 2/2/16

 I. Warm-Up

3 Rounds

200m Jog (comfortable pace)

16 Banded Good Mornings

2 Skin the Cats (Slow)


II. Weightlifting

A. Clean & Jerk - 5x1 AHAP, all at or above 85%

B. AMRAP in 3:30

TnG Squat Clean and S2O Doubles @80%

  1. As many sets as possible of two touch and go reps at 80% of today's heaviest single (in three minutes and 30 seconds). You may go overhead in anyway. 


III. Conditioning

For time:

15 Power Cleans 185/135#

30 Pistols (total, alternating)

15 Shoulder to Overhead

20 Muscleups

15 Shoulder to Overhead

30 Pistols

15 Power Clean

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