Deep Comp-12/8/16

I. Strength

A1. Front Squat- 5x5@78%

Rest 0:30

A2. Prone Scapular Complex

(Y-W-T-I): 5x40s (10s in each position) 

Rest 1:30


II. Weightlifting

B. 1 Snatch Deadlifts (5052) + 2 Snatch Pull-  4 TnG sets @88-90%

Rest 2:00 - 2:30


III. Conditioning  

Alternating EMOM 20:

0&1: 400m run 

2: 10 DB Snatch (alternating) 55/40#

3: 11 HSPU

  1. Optional: Scale up to SHSPU.

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