Deep Comp- 12/7/16

 I. Strength

A. Jerk Balance (3s pause in split pos.)- 3x3@45-50% 

(rest 1 minute)

B. Pausing Jerk Dips- 2x2@100% (3s), 2x2@105% (2s)

(rest 2 minutes)

C. Split Jerk- 1x3@75%, 3x2@80%, 3x1@83%

(rest 3 minutes)


II. Conditioning 

D. Every 15s for 2:30 (10 sets, 50 reps):

5/4 Calorie Row (rollover calories DO count, watch a real clock, not the monitor clock, as the monitor will clock will stop)

(Rest 2:30)

...Proceed through minutes 5-25 as follows:

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 105/80

5 T2B

5 Push Press 105/75

5 C2B Pull-ups 


III. Accessory

I. Banded Glute Bridges- 2x30 (41x2)


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