Deep Comp-12/28/16

Team workout 7 AM on Saturday.

The following is the work for Wednesday - Friday. Split as desired, but do not do any extra work or other programming. This is a crucial week for restoration and maintenance as we head into our final cycle before the Open:

I. Intervals   (Weightlifting and Gymnastics) (100% effort)

Every 4 for 20 Minutes (5 sets):

3 Clean and Jerks @80% AND 

5-7 Muscleups  

  1. Complete the work as fast as possible without compromising form.
  2. The Muscleup sets may not exceed 2 clusters (one break is allowed). Pick your rep range accordingly.  


II. Conditioning: Midline March  (90-95% effort)

3 RFT: 


50' HS Walk  

50' OH Walking Lunge 155/115

  1. RX- 50' chunks must be UB.  
  2. Scaled- 50' chunks are divided into 25/25'  

 III. Aerobic / Midline Intervals 

10 Rounds (85% effort)

20 Calorie Row

10 T2B

Rest 2:00

  1. This should NOT be performed on the same day as "Midline March". I recommend performing parts I&II on Wednesday and part III on Thursday or Friday.  
  2. There will be a workout programmed and scheduled for Saturday morning.  
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