Deep Comp - 12/19/16

I. Powerlifting and Weightlifting

A. Deadlift
Find a perfect form heavy triple in 12 Minutes

- If there is the slightest amount rounding in the low back you are not allowed to increase weight. Hold your training partners accountable and help them by filming and providing cues. This means if you can't do 225 or 155 without losing midline stability, you don't move up. Committing to high quality movement will keep us all healthy heading into the open.

B. Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch
Find a perfect form heavy of the complex in 12 Minutes

- We are looking to avoid any pressing out of the power snatch.

II. Gymnastic Strength

15 Minutes to find:

3 RM Weighted Pull Up
5 RM Weighted Dip (place DBs on 30" box to act as grips)

III. Conditioning

3 Power Cleans 185/125
6 Lateral Burpees
3 Power Cleans 185/125
Lateral Burpees
3 Power Cleans 185/125
Lateral Burpees
3 Power Cleans 185/125
Lateral Burpees
-Continue until you run out of time

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