Deep Comp- 12/2/16


I wanted to personally thank everyone for doing their best on Wednesday's conditioning. Few people in the world would finish that, and that was precisely the intention. We wanted to see how our athletes were able to handle an elite pace, who was able to sustain what, and what movements breakdown when taken to critical mass. 

Learning to give your best effort when you know you won't finish is an imperative skill in our sport (when every rep and second matters) and you can be certain you'll see an open workout with some sort of time cap, which will put you in a similar physical and mental state. And when you do, workouts like these will prepare you to overcome seemingly impossible odds on game day. 

I. Strength  

A1. Front Squat- 5x5@75%

Rest 0:30

A2. Prone Snow Angels- 5x12 (3232) 

Rest 1:30


II. Weightlifting

B. 2 Snatch Deadlifts (5052) + 1 Snatch Pull-  4 TnG sets @85% 

Rest 2:00


III. Conditioning   

Alternating EMOM 20: 

17/14 Calorie Row

15 KB Swing 53/35

10 FR Reverse Lunges 175/120

5 HSPU + 20' HS Walk + 5 HSPU

  1. Optional: Scale up to SHSPU. 


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