Deep Comp- 11/5/16

We have a ton of work to do today, so come early to roll out and warm up. We will start promptly with squatting at 7:15am to ensure that we have enough time to complete everything, We will proceed through the workout using the times listed below, there will be no transition time between windows. 


I. Strength  (55 Minutes)

A. Back Squats- 10x3 @85%

(Rest 4 Minutes)


II. Weightlifting  (20 Minutes)

A. Clean and Jerk- 3x1 @70%

B. Snatch- 3x1 @70%


III. Conditioning  (25 Minutes)

3 Rounds (for reps) 

50s Work / 10s Rest (60s Stations)

1. Bar Facing Burpees 

2. GHD Sit-ups  

3. T2B

4. Sumo Deadlift High Pull 115/80

5. Muscleups

(Rest 2 Minutes)

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