Deep Comp- 11/23/16

I. Strength  

A. TnG Power Clean- 3x3 @70%

B. TnG Power Snatch- 3x3 @70%

C. Every 45s for 7:30 (10 sets from racks, @45-50%) :

Snatch Balance (not heaving) + Snatch Pullunder + Hang Snatch 

  1. There is no jumping, moving feet, or leaving the ground until the hang snatch.  
  2. Start in your catch stance, and push down for the snatch balance and pull/shrug down for the pull under.  


II. Conditioning  

Cutthroat "Karen" 

150 Wallball 20/14

  1. Penalty of 7/5 Strict HSPU for broken sets. HSPU Reps must be completed before continuing wallballs. 
  2. Time Cap of 7 Minutes  
  3. Do multiple heats and use judges.  



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