Deep Comp- 11/15/16

I. Conditioning (CP Battery)

Every 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes (6 sets for total working time):

A, B and C

A. 3 Deadlifts @75%

B. 6/4 Strict Towel Pullups 

C. ME Strict HSPU 

  1. For pullups, be sure to fully extend at the bottom, and raise your chin above your hands at the top. Use one towel per hand. 
  2. For HSPU, as soon as a pause takes place in top/bottom position, the set is terminated. 


II. Conditioning (Anaerobic Lactate)

For time:

30 Muscle Snatch 75/55#

30 T2B

25 Muscle Snatch 75/55#

25 T2B

20 Muscle Snatch 75/55#

20 T2B


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