Deep Comp-11/2/16

"Can't keep a winner down"   -Tino  

"Can't keep a winner down" 


I. Strength 

A. Back Squat- 7x5 @75%

  1. Rest exactly 2:30


II. Weightlifting  

A. 3 Pos. Power Snatch + 3 OHS

  1. 3 Working sets @60-65%
  2. 43X3 Tempo for OHS
  3. The three positions are hip, knee and floor
  4. Each set should be TnG.


II. Conditioning (anaerobic alactic power)

4 Rounds

6 Strict HSPU

4 Burpees (to a 12" target)

3 Push Press 185/125#

Rest 2 Minutes

Rest 7 minutes after round 4, then repeat for another 4 rounds. 

  1. Complete these sets absolutely as fast as possible, and rest exactly 2 minutes. It's not going to be hard in a conventional "crossfitty" sense, but trust the program. 


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