Deep Comp- 10/7/16

We enjoyed meeting with many of you this week. It was great to check in, pick your brain, and ensure that we are accommodating your individual areas of concern next cycle. If you haven't met with us yet and would like to discuss ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to holler at us to get something scheduled for next week.

Speaking of next week.. Next week is a de-load or back-off week (not a rest week), which will help us fully recover, so that we feel rejuvenated for testing week (the following week). Continue to complete everything as prescribed this week, knowing that you will likely be underwhelmed by next week's volume.

I. Session 1: Engine

1 x 800m Run (60%, warmup pace, rest 60s)

1 x 400m Run (70%, aerobic pace, rest 60s)

6 x 200m Run (80%, pace should not deviate more than 3-4s, rest 90s)

  1. Shoot for consistent times at each distance. 
  2. Run the 200m straightaway on Taylor St. 

II. Session 2: Weightlfting

(There is no gymnastics today, so please spend extra time on mobility, and take your time building)

A. Muscle Snatch - 4 x 3 Building

B. Power Snatch + OHS (4 sets): 2 x 1 + 1 @75% 

C1. Bench Press - 4 x 5 Building  

C2. Pendlay Row - 4 x 6 Building (Rest 90s)


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