Deep Comp-10/31/16


Wow! What an exciting two weeks it's been. It's been rewarding seeing everyone overperform throughout the course of our tests and the fittest games qualifiers. You guys are truly reaping the fruits of all the hard work you put in on this past engine and weightlifting cycle (Cycle 2: Segmentation) and will continue to benefit from the foundation you've created for this Games Season. 

Close notes have been kept from reading your blog comments, watching you perform, and from our one on one meetings, and we are excited to deliver our most personalized program to date. 

While last cycle focused on monotructural components of conditioning, weightlifting, and gymnastics, this cycle will build from where we left off and sharpen focus toward raw strength for the powerlifts (squats, deadlifts, (bench) press) and introduce the idea of interference between movement patterns. Instead of grouping movements together that allow you to continue moving swiftly and keep power output high, we will overlap similar movement patterns so that you develop muscular endurance in overloaded movement patterns. 

Think of it this way, on most of these qualifying workouts, you were limited by muscular endurance, not your lungs. That's just the way it should be at the conclusion of an engine cycle, so now we're going to work on your muscular endurance since your lungs (various energy systems) are up to speed. 

Because last week was a test week for the fittest games, we will begin this cycle with a soft start while we recover from last week and finish up some of our tests that we never finished. You will see volume slowly ramp up over the course of this week, and next week will be a true to form template. 

Cycle 3 (Desegmentation, Interference)

I. Conditioning 

1 mile run time trial

  1. Consider grouping together with your crew and meeting at a track. 
  2. Run faster than last timeπŸ‘πŸ½ Collectively, we choked on our running regional test last year. This year will be much different. 
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