Deep Comp-10/25/16

Congratulations on all of the 2K PR's. It's good to see everyone reap the benefits of consistent hard work.

Congratulations on all of the 2K PR's. It's good to see everyone reap the benefits of consistent hard work.


I. Strength

3 Pos. Snatch (hip, mid-patella, floor):

Minute 0: 70% 

Minute 2: 75%

Minte 4: 70%


II.  Pre-Wod

Every 3 for 9 (3 sets AFAP):

3 Push Press 135/95

2 Bar Muscleups

3 Hang Squat Cleans 135/95

3 Overhead Squats

Recovery Pace Assault Bike

 (rest 5 minutes, then part III)


III. Conditioning

Fittest Games Lottery Workout #4

For Time:
30 Push Press
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
30 Hang Squat Cleans
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
30 Overhead Squats
*10 minute time cap

Men use a 115 lb. bar.

Women use a 75 lb. bar.

  1. There were some surprises by how well the field performed this past week, so I'm going to provide some educated guesses to help set your expectations.  
  2. All of these movements can be cycled at 2s per rep, except the c2b, which can be cycled at 1s per rep. Meaning that the best of the best will take little to no breaks and finish low 5s and even high 4s.  
  3. As team athletes, this means that sub 7 will be a very good score, and sub 8 will likely hold, but you'll need a couple people per team to get closer to an elite individual score to cover higher scores. 
  4. Plan to go unbroken on movements that are strengths and take one 10s break or two 5s breaks on your weaker movements. Anything more will push your score closer to the middle of the bell curve. 
  5. This workout should be very uncomfortable from start to finish, because the rep schemes are so low that they bail you out just as you start to blow up.  
  6. Dont try and be a hero. And look out for the hang power cleans. They will the toughest movement to keep cycling. Go into this workout planning to suffer here and hold onto the bar and embrace the pain.  


The plan is to complete the remainder of the qualifiers Wednesday and Friday. Saturday morning we will complete the mile run retest at a track together. Our next cycle will start next week, and we will include some beginning of the cycle tests, so I would really like for people to rest this Sunday. Plan on not repeating this week qualifiers unless you totally bomb something. This means adequately preparing, planning, setting realistic goals, and discussing best practices with your coaches and teammates before making your first (and hopefully only) attempt. Game on. 


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