Deep Comp- 10/4/16

I. Weightlifting 

A. Power Clean + Push Press (4 sets): 3 + 2 @70-75%

B. Sn Grip PP + OHS (4 sets):

3 + 2 @80-85% 

  1. For both A and B, all working sets must be at the listed percentages. Percentages are off your clean and snatch maxes.    


II. Gymnastics

D. L-Hang Leg Raises 4 x 7-9 (pronated grip, rest 90s)

  1. Assume an L-hang position, then raise your toes to the bar 7-9 times. During the descent you should only lower your legs back to the L-Hang Position (90 degrees).

E. EMOM 10

11 UB T2B

  1. For scaling, scale in such a way that you achieve the same amount of reps as last week. 


III. Conditioning  

For time: 

100 Alternating Pistols

100 Burpees to 6" target  

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