Deep Comp- 10/3/16


We're planning to have a college football team watch night on October 15th. The rough plan (for those able) is to get brunch post workout, and get back together that evening for the night games. The location is yet to be determined, so if anyone wants to volunteer to host please let us know by commenting below and we'll jump all over it. And if not, we'll hit up a local sports bar. Please pencil this is in for the evening of October 15th. Please be there unless you're out of town, or have prior obligations that are family related.


I. Session 1: Myofascial Release

Last week was a tough training week, and I know many of us are pretty beat up from Saturday's workout, so we're going to start the week off with some soft tissue work and restoration.

Here is a brief description of some proper release techniques:

  1. Use an implement (LAX ball, pvc pipe, voodoo band, etc.) to create a fulcrum in the muscle belly (or a pressure point in the middle of the muscle).
  2. Passively work the designated muscle through range of motion 
  3. You can "release" the area by working the area in small circles, internal/external rotation, and flexion/extension.
  4. The overall goal is increased bloodflow and pain reduction.


A. EMOM 30

Minutes 0 and 1: L&R Gastrocnemius / Soleus (posterior calf muscles)

Minutes 2 and 3: L&R Anterior Tibialis (anterior calf muscles)

Minutes 4 and 5: L&R Peroneus Muscles (outside or lateral portion of calf)

Minutes 6 and 7: Quadriceps

Minutes 8 and 9: IT Band and TFL (lateral portions of leg between knee and hip bone)

Minutes 10 and 11: Hamstrings

Minutes 12 and 13: Psoas (hip flexer, use lax ball..)

Minutes 14 and 15: Glutes

Minutes 16 and 17: QL and Lumbar Erectors (Lower Back)

Minutes 18 and 19: Rhomboids and Lower Traps (Mid back)

Minutes 20 and 21: Upper Traps 

Minutes 22 and 23: Deltoids

Minutes 24 and 25: Pectorals

Minutes 26 and 27: Lats

MInutes 28 and 29: Biceps

Minutes 30 and 31: Triceps

MInutes 32 and 33: Forearms

  1. I know, 34 minutes is a long time, but if you don't make time for regular self-maintenance now, you may have to make time for rehabilitation in the future. It'll also help you get MUCH more out of this week's training. I strongly suggest following this as written, because you never know where you may find areas of extreme tightness/sensitivity. You're welcome to spend an additional 10-15 Minutes on lagging areas at the end.


II. Session 1: Engine

Assault bike:

5 Minutes at 70% (fast)

5 Minutes at 55% (recovery pace)

5 Minutes at 75% (faster)

5 Minutes at 55% (recovery pace)

5 Minutes at 80% (fastest)

5 Minutes at 55% (recovery pace)

  1. Keep the wheel turning for the entire 30 minutes. Each working interval should be increasingly uncomfortable, so don't overdo it on the first interval. Note your pace for each interval. And if possible, have a teammate record your calories for the working intervals to give you another data point for future reference.


III. Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Every two for 8 (4 sets):

     BK Block Snatch + Snatch @80% 

B. Every two for 8 (4 sets):

     Snatch Pull x 3 @100% 

C. Every two for 10 (5 sets):

     Back Squat - 5 x 3 @ 80%

  1. These are all working weights, meaning all sets should be performed at the listed percentage, not just the last set or two. Spend time building to the working weight then strictly adhere to the E2MOM.


IV. Gymnastics

Rest day. I thought we could use a break today based on conversations i've had with many of you and the additional time needed for the MRT work.




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