Deep Comp- 10/15/16

Tests #2.1 - 2.3

I. Strength and Conditioning

A. Minutes 0-4: Snatch Max

B. Minutes 4-14: Max Effort Assault Bike Calories

C. Minutes 14-18: Max Reps Squat Snatch at 80% of A

  1. Part A: You may warmup beforehand, but at "3-2-1 Go", you must start with an empty barbell. We recommend warming up with muscle snatch and tall snatch before the four minute window begins
  2. Part B: The goal here is to exceed your score from 6/18/16 and 8/16/16. See Below..
  3. Part C: Have a teammate calculate your weight for you, but you must change your own weights and use clips for both A and C. Part C begins with you changing your weight from part A to 80%. No one may touch the weights for you. 
  4. We're testing a variety of things here, some of which are maximal strength, aerobic capacity, cp battery, technique under duress, and mental fortitude here. Don't game it. Go 100% on all segments.

Compare to 8/16/16

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