Deep Comp- 10/14/16

Alright alright alright, a several important announcements...

1. Team hangout coming up this Saturday. Here's what we're thinking, we will get together at a local sports bar to watch the Alabama (1) and Tennessee (9) game at 2:30pm. We can decide the location as a group Saturday morning. Also optional, brunch post workout on Saturday morning (I have a client at 9 AM, but can meet afterward).

2. Saturday the 22nd, as a comp team, we will further engage our community by helping judge the Seven Year Anniversary Competition, which starts at 8am and is only projected to last a few hours. It's going to be a fun way for us cheer people on and brighten someone's day. 

3. More to come on our training schedule that weekend.. it just may involve a track 😱 

4. Today is our first day of testing, which will last through next Saturday, and possibly stretch further depending on how the fittest games lottery workouts (releasing next week) match up with our template. Our plan is to send as many teams and individuals to The Fittest Games as possible (whether you're scaled or professional). There is no ACO this year, so this is the only opportunity to showcase and test your progress before the 2017 Games Season. 


I. Weightlifting

A. Power Snatch- Build to 3 x 2 at 80% 

  1. Drop from top or TnG, whatever is easiest of you
  2. We are testing some snatch elements tomorrow so don't go crazy here.


II. Test #1

4 Rounds

7 Muscleups

14 Burpees

21 Chest to Bar

  1. This is the first of 12-14 tests over the course of the next eight days  
  2. We we are testing a variety of things on this workout, including fatigued and overloaded pulling. Do your best here so we can retest progress at the end of this next cycle.







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